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Addiction Treatment

If you are one of the millions of people struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you can find your recovery and rehabilitation options. You are not alone.

Hearing Aid

Stop living with the frustrations of hearing challenges. Start with a simple consultation. Don’t let hearing challenges control your life. Improve hearing clarity in 7 days or less. Call Now!



Looking for a chiropractor near you? Take Care Chiropractic is here to help! Contact us today for help with back pain, neck pain, or headaches. Back Pain Relief. Sciatica Relief.

Medical Alert

You enjoy your independence and want to feel secure whether you’re moving around your home, running errands, or traveling. A fear of falling or having a medical emergency doesn’t have to limit you when you have a medical alert help button system, with the simple push of a button, you can call for help from family, friends or first responders. If you are looking for a medical alert help button system, Contact us today for a FREE consultation about our alert system.



Emergency Dental Service will help you schedule an appointment to get out of pain within 24-hours.