Remodeling Bath and Shower

Remodel your Bathroom with Bath and Shower

Whether you’re looking for a complete bathroom remodel or a more simple update, luxury bath makeover made simple and affordable, installed in as little as one day. Take the next step to your bath transformation! Our trained local expert will arrive at your home on time and ready to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas. Call Today!

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Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? Whether your guest or master bath is due for an upgrade, the professional bathroom remodeling contractors at your service. Premium quality acrylic tubs and walls are custom made to ensure a perfect watertight fit. They’re installed right over your existing bath and wall in as little as one day.

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Having at least one bathtub in your home provides the flexibility you need for your life, plus the style you want! When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, a new acrylic bathtub gives you a beautiful finish that’s guaranteed for easy cleaning, and won’t rust, crack, or peel. Improveit’s wide selection of bathtub styles and colors are all designed to insulate and retain heat so your bath stays warmer longer. Our five-star bathtub installation process lets you soak in style with a bathtub remodel that keeps you, your lifestyle, and your budget in mind.


Showers continue to be the most popular option for bathroom remodeling, and at Improveit we know shower remodeling comes down to your needs and your style preferences. Are you looking for more space? More storage? A shower bench? Our extensive shower replacement options have you covered with a wide selection of on-trend shower surround colors, shower bases, fixtures, and accessories to choose from. Your new walk-in shower will be exactly what you need, and with our grout-free, easy-clean finish, you’ll enjoy a beautiful shower with a fraction of the cleaning and maintenance. Exactly the way it should be!

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callusapros-remodeling-bath and shower-04

Walk-In Tubs

For seniors living independently, moving safely around the bathroom can be a big challenge. Slipping and falling in the shower, or maneuvering over the side of a bathtub are concerns for older homeowners and their caregivers. At Improveit, our walk-in tubs help eliminate those hazards by incorporating multiple safe bathing solutions into one unit that we can install in as little as one day. From built-in grab bars to ADA-compliant safety seats, open the bathtub door to the easiest, safe bathing experience available!

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Your life is busy, and your time is valuable. We get it! At Improveit, we remodel your home with you, your lifestyle, and your budget in mind – exactly the way it should be. When it’s time to replace your tub with a shower that better suits your needs, our streamlined installation process gets it done fast and easy – usually in three days or less, and sometimes in as little as a day! When it’s time to give that old, unused bathtub the boot, we’re ready to give you the shower of your dreams!

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BathTub/ Shower Combo

As one of the most common bathroom layout options, the tub-shower combo is practical, space-efficient, and gives you the option of a nice soak in the tub or a quick shower depending on your needs. A bathtub shower is the ideal option for:

  • Small bathrooms. Get the most functionality out of your bathroom space!
  • Guest rooms. With a tub-shower combo, guests don’t have to choose
    Single-bathroom households. Sharing space with family members, roommates, or guests? A tub-shower combo gives everyone the options they need in one space.
  • Families with Kids. The perfect grow-with-your needs option, tub-shower combos let you easily bathe children and help them transition to showering as they grow.


Your bathroom is more than just the bathtub and shower. Take this opportunity to really make the space your own! Our partnership with the industry’s best bathroom accessory brands helps you complete your bath remodeling vision with high-quality, complementary fixtures and finishes. Our design consultants are ready to help you mix and match a variety of bathroom accessories to create your dream bathroom.

  • Faucets: With a variety of finishes available, we have faucets to match every bathroom look.
  • Shower Heads: From hand-held shower wands to spa-like shower heads, we have the right option to give you the convenient, luxurious experience you deserve.
  • Grab Bars: Make entering and exiting your bath or shower safer, and reduce your chances of bathroom accidents.
  • Safety Seats: Eliminate the chance of a bath or shower slip with a comfortable safety seat designed to blend right in with your bath or shower.
  • Shower Caddy: Built-in to the design of your unit, your caddy will be the perfect place to conveniently store your toiletries while blending seamlessly into your bath or shower system.
  • Shaving Stands: Make your shower or bath safer and more convenient with a secure area to place your foot. Built-in to your unit, our shaving stands come in every color and pattern to perfectly blend in with your bath or shower.
  • Soap Dishes: With various size options and a huge selection of colors and patterns, our simple yet handy soap dishes will blend seamlessly with any of our bath or shower products.
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Bathroom Wall & Wainscoting

Bathroom wainscoting is the perfect alternative to tiles, without joints or seams it is virtually maintenance-free and can be installed quickly and easily, and frequently in just one day. Shower walls are custom-made to your bathroom’s exact measurements which ensures a perfect, watertight fit.

Bathroom wall paneling and wainscoting can unify your bathroom’s decor and highlight bathroom design elements. Wainscoting can be installed based on your needs and is usually dependent on the height of other bathroom elements – fixtures, furniture, and windows. Pick a color of waterproof wainscoting panel to contrast with the upper section of your wall to creates a bold look, or choose something more harmonious – the choice is yours.

Bath & Shower Remodeling Process

All Bath & Shower remodelers are carefully trained to provide the perfect installation for any tub or shower. No matter the complexity, our process generally takes as little as a day.

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